Tarun was born in India (New Delhi) 1989 and was raised in different parts of India.
Discovered his Italian soul when he went to Florence, Italy to pursue his Bachelors in interior and product design. Before this, he worked 4 years in marketing and design development of high pressure laminates which forms part of interior design. He studied marketing and
public relations while he was working in Mumbai, India.

His curiosity became the driver that makes him disassemble appliances and materials to understand how they function. His passion to create good quality, easy to use handmade furniture drove him to pursue his bachelor’s in Italy, he thinks because it being considered the birthplace of good design in all fields.

Tarun ́s approach to design is a problem solving approach and he constantly and critically analyze designs on how they can improve or mitigate problems. He is passionate about quality in all aspects and believes high quality does not necessarily have to be highly priced.

He has a food brain and humanity being his religion. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Co – founding member, Industrial & Interior designer (INDIA)