The bedside Soap Pump presents a concept of traditional hospital bedside but interpreted and proposed by numerous peculiarities: the self-supporting steel structure, the head made of plastic with bottle’s housing and the opening of several drawers in rotation, are all details that make the unique and noticeable. The plan, characterized by a functional division that allows the best possible surface optimization may fall easily doubled thanks to sliding on guides. The five twin wheel Koo allow easy and convenient handling and an unusual stability. Top and drawers made of molded medium density and covered in hot molded polymer.

The project borns from a question: how can it coexists game and memory in a single object that makes innovation design its core ?! The answers are contained in the references examined. The action to observe a small home’s object (and here there’s memory), a soap dispenser with its recognizable form, and change it radically about scale and intended use (and here there’s game) it has brought exactly in the direction conceived at the beginning of the design process, or ideas and design psychology begin to trend in the same direction. It has come to then create an innovative object in the forms and technology but deep – rooted in the memory.