Lashibi (Ghana), 2016


The project is located in Ghana (Lashibi) and was designed based on safety, self sustaining and relaxation.

It is designed around a focal area being the first floor. The aim was to create a design based on western style and its comfort, incorporating Ghanaian culture and building rules to make the building suitable for the country.

With partial of the family being Scandinavian, with beautiful nature surrounding, and with view sometimes being the most important part of a house, this was implemented to the design to have a big balcony on first floor facing  the garden and lounge area. The house is designed to have everyday life on the first floor.

Ground floor is designed to have a large free space surrounding the building with green grass and trees. Therefore the ground section was made half the size of first floor. It is same time designed to be able to combined the interior and exterior by opening the sliding doors.