Rome (Italy), 2014

Tase Maria & Macaveiu Sinziana


The approach is about making the Via Appia Antica more visible to the tourists but also to the people of Rome by:

– creating a two-way touristical route that starts from Circo Massimo or from Ciampino airport. These places are marked by two distinct projects;

– choosing important types of monuments (Porta San Sebastiano, Caecilia Metella, Villa dei Quintile) on the Via Appia Antica and reviving them;

– closing the Via Appia Antica to the cars, making it accessible only by foot/bike/archeo bus and improving the connections with Rome by building facilities and services at important crossroads the identity of the Via Appia project is built on the 3 types of monuments which can be found on the ancient road. The latter changes scenery from an urban road to a rural one, fact depicted in the chosen color range.