Castelfranco Veneto (Italy), 2016


The project developed by the designer is the creation of a dance studio and school in an existing building in downtown Castelfranco Veneto, Italy. A dance school is a place where people of all ages come to learn, dance, exercise, bond, and know their body. It is a place that has a lot of requirements in order to be projected in the nicest and most flawless way possible.

The project’s designs will cover all areas needed to have a fully-functioning dance school: the dance studios, a resting and eating area, a reception, a doctor’s office, administrative offices, etc…

The designer looks to create spaces that demonstrate that the art of ballet and dance, is not as simple and female-exclusive as most non-dancers think. Also, the designer looks at the physical differences in between the normal schools and the performance stages used by dancers, blending the two together in some of the studios, to create an easier adaptation and avoid unwanted mistakes while performing in real stages. Finally, the location of the project is a bustling medieval city, surrounded by natural landscapes.

Dance schools all around the world usually have a straight-forward, simple and almost monochromatic design. By using a combination and contrasting number of textures, colors and materials, the author managed to make this project truly different than the already existing schools, and create a visual contrast with the project’s location, while still keeping a connection with the use of local products.

The different rooms have different ambiances depending on their function, creating a clear contrast in between the different spaces of the building, characterized by their color which was chosen thanks to each color’s psychology. The fact that the students of the school need to be concentrated and focused and relaxed interchangeably was used as a starting point to know the correct distribution of the spaces, and the types of materials and furniture that should be in each room.

Last but not least, the different aspects that a theater stage has that are used during a dance performance, were applied to the main studios of the project in order to make the students’ transfer (from rehearsal at the school to performance on the stage) seamless, and avoid any unwanted mistakes during the performance, creating a different approach to dance studio design.