AIO is a modular multimedia device that is designed for teachers, keeping in mind the amount of paper load and digital devices that need to be carried around by them between classrooms. The design of the AIO is small so that it is portable and the modularity allows the user to add or reduce modules as per their requirement.

The design features:

  1. A portable projector with short throw and wireless technology.
  2. USB and wireless charging stations that are portable.
  3. Speaker with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.
  4. All modules work independently and in unision with the others.
  5. A jammer that can be controlled by the teachers. They can switch on /off all wireless enabled electronic devices within the classroom.

A few secondary features that the design pays attention to:

  1. Connections between the modules are based on magnets (Charging & Data Transfer).
  2. Since the device is modular, each component can be upgraded / replaced if damaged, without having to change the entire unit. It also allows
    for various arrangement possibilities and combinations.
  3. Material: Recycled plastic with a matte grainy texture finish, that gives the product a premium look and soft feel.