Lisette was born in Santo Domingo, (Dominican Republic) 1995.
She has always had an inclination for the arts and colors. At a very young age, she was always interested in the shapes and forms that could be created, from the smallest object to a skyscraper. After completing high school and a couple of workshops in Interior Design in the same city, her curiosity for the outside world motivated her to move to Florence, Italy, to complete her Bachelors in Interior & Product Design, a career that she had a profound passion for, besides being a professional ballerina. In all the forms of art she has dedicated her life to painting, dancing and design), her main inspiration and goal is to take advantage of the tridimensional space available, and make a truly different and outstanding piece, by using both geometric and organic forms, and applying –in the case of interior and product design- the latest materials and technology. She has done a couple of commissions to design and paint wall murals, and also some freelance digital work. Thanks to travels and making a lot of international friends, she has been able to pick up influences from a lot of different countries that are now part of her design style. She does mostly modern and contemporary work, with an affinity for sleek finishes and combination of different textures and colors. Currently, she speaks four languages (Spanish, English, Italian and French), making it easier for her to communicate with a lot clients with diverse languages.

Co – founding member, Industrial & Interior designer (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)