Aneri was born in Mumbai (India) 1990.

She comes from a family of business men and women but somehow never felt like a part of it. The Arts drew her towards them. She found love in all forms of arts, something as simple as a beautiful flower arrangement. Growing up she felt herself attracted to various forms of art and design particularly the ones that affected human beings on a day to day basis, from furniture to large spaces which human beings use and get attached to every day. “Art which can be useful” which becomes a part of you. This led her to pursue a Bachelors in Architecture in India.

Working with different practices in India including one of the largest conservation practices made her want to study the science of interior design more in depth which took her to the city of Florence where she did her Masters in Interior Design. Aneri once read somewhere “You can escape doctors, lawyers, and maybe even the government, but try escaping architecture! its everywhere, its something you cannot escape” And in todays world, she believes it extends to all forms of design, as design is something you cannot escape. These endeavours have taught her a great deal and in turn she has been able to put into reality; while practicing at a successful architecture firm in the UK.

Co – founding member, Architect & Interior designer (ENGLAND)