Amos was born in Ghana (Accra) 1987.
He moved at an early age to Faroe Islands and pursued both practical and theoretical knowledge in designing. He loved to design and build. At an early age of 13, Amos started working in different fields such as construction, carpentry, fishing, factory work and farming. Most of his life he has been attached to design.

Through all the different experiences, his passion for design grew more and more. He practiced computer aid programs at home and started designing concepts and doing minor interior renovation projects.

The interest led him to study Boat/Yacht building in Denmark and Faroe Islands and this was a practical knowledge. After his studies, he worked in its fields before starting his own company under the name Ada bátaumvæling (Ada boat repair) doing fiberglass repairs and designing products which were built by him. During this period Amos also worked as a manager in a 600 m2 building for a boat repairing company.

After running his own company successfully for 3 years his interest for design grew and this took him to Italy to study Interior & product design. Throughout his studies in Italy, he worked as a freelance designer under his brand name ADA Design which was mainly focused on designing furniture.

Founding member, Interior & Industrial designer (GHANA)