MFRAMA Group is a team of Architects, Interior, Industrial, Urban and Landscape designers committed to provide professional solutions to problems that our clients may have. We comprehend every given situation and reflect solutions for a better and easier living through our design. We are based in Accra, Ghana, and spread throughout 7 different countries.

The focus of our company is to incorporate the diverse multicultural values, demographic knowledge and ideologies of the members in our designs and results from a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary professional teams to research alternatives, in order to create a project that truly caters and adapts to the client’s location, needs and environment.

The creation of MFRAMA Group surged in the city of Florence, Italy, after a collaboration agreement in between a group of international students took place after they graduated in the city. The idea of the CEO (Amos Delali Afenu) was to bring together like-minded young people with diverse cultural backgrounds who can work together to bring timeless design to their clients and the world.




We strive to design, durable, and functional solutions that harmonizes the given space in every way possible.

With every member of our team coming from different cultural backgrounds, international cooperation amongst us is key in realizing what is necessary for our clients.

We believe the best starting point in all projects is listening. We listen to the requirements of our clients, and use our skills to provide sustainable solutions to a complex matrix of issues presented by them with utmost simplicity. We believe the best ideas can be generated amongst the interaction of people, spaces, environmental stewardship, value, creation, and art.

We seek to give clients the optimum return on their investment through creative thought, enduring design, and technical knowledge. We offer a number of high standard solutions that aim to exceed the client’s expectations by combining the client’s proposed ideas together with our philosophy and knowledge in the field, all while enriching and simplifying their everyday life.


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